Editor Bio

Doug - Formal.LinkedIn.2015Doug Sandridge, Editor and Director of EnergyPolicyUs, was literally born into the energy industry. Doug’s father served as a geological engineer and executive with Phillips Petroleum Company for almost 40 years. Doug began his own career in the energy industry as a rock-sample clerk in Midland, Texas at the age of 16. While attending the University of Oklahoma, Doug worked as an oil field mechanic, roustabout, pumper and roughneck before eventually making a career in petroleum and renewable land management. In 1982, Doug graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BBA in Petroleum Land Management. In 2011, Doug earned his Master of Science Degree in Global Energy Management from the University of Colorado – Denver.

Doug is a thought leader in the energy industry and frequently speaks publicly and
lectures about energy issues. Doug is the founder of EnergyPolicyUs.